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About Raphael Law

If you need professional legal aid, family law services or a family solicitor, Raphael Law are here for you

Raphael Law believes that every person no matter what your income or circumstance should be able to have access to high quality support when it comes to making crucial decisions in your life.

Whether it is assistance with your divorce or help to see your children, Raphael Law takes pride in offering you an affordable, efficient service which will aid you through your darkest days.

Raphael Law has been set up by a practising matrimonial lawyer who has a wealth of experience. She understands exactly what each client needs and has set up a service that is there to comfort you during these difficult times.

We can offer a range of different services to meet your individual needs. We do not charge you an hourly rate like the average high street firm of solicitors, saving you thousands of pounds. We aim to be a transparent service, giving you the peace of mind you need from the outset. 
 We may not be the cheapest online provider in the market but we pride ourselves as one of the only providers to provide you with assistance by qualified lawyers.
Raphael Law has only one mission - To provide low cost, professional legal aid to those entering the legal minefield.
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Why Choose Raphael Law?

The idea for Raphael Law came from our founder, who was working as a lawyer in a high street solicitors firm and leading the family department. She has children of her own and first-hand knowledge of how difficult a relationship breakdown can be.

She is keen to offer a professional service to people whilst holding their hands through these difficult days. She is appalled at the government’s changes which cut the scope of legal aid drastically. This means costly legal bills or the daunting prospect of going at it alone.

Raphael Law understands the importance of support and empathy during a time which is often the most challenging and the importance of every person being able to access good support.  

Raphael Law has been set up specifically to provide a professional online personal divorce service to people of all incomes and status.

Our affordable service helps couples achieve an expedient divorce with the peace of mind of knowing that our team are qualified lawyers. Our fees are transparent and come with no hidden costs. By choosing Raphael Law as your support service, you are saving thousands of pounds on your legal bills.

We also work closely with regulated and insured legal professionals such as solicitors, barristers and legal executives.

We are not the cheapest provider on the internet, but we pride ourselves on a 100% satisfaction guaranteed service. We offer a quick turnaround on your divorce and provide telephone and email support 6 days per week. We do not operate a case-management service, as we feel that this takes away the personal aspect of our support. Our staff will speak to you over the telephone and guide you through the process.
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